The judges were very impressed by the quality of work presented for this art competition. A final decision was really hard to reach and it took 5 judges almost 2 hours of discussion to finally agree on the winners.

Category 10-20 years old

1st, Anna, 10
A4 paper, wax crayon, black pen.

“It might as well have been raining.
Through lockdown, though it has been sunny and bright I have been inside feeling bored and lonely away from my friends. It might as well have been raining the entire time."
2nd, Amelia, 13
Acrylic paint, paint pens and paper collage, 40cm x 30cm.

"This is a distorted view out of my bedroom window."
3rd Imogen, 15
Acrylic paint on canvas, 40cm x 30cm.

"This is a painting of me during lockdown stress eating in my blanket hoodie."
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Category over 20

1st, Steve, 65
Clay and paint (with little bit of superglue!). Its 14" in diameter and 7" high.

"3 dimensional representation of its title 'Surrounded by stupidity' which is my experience of Lockdown. Things look bleak from the inside and pretty sick from the outside, and time becomes irrelevant hence the clock on the side."
2nd, Ruth, 28
Acrylic on paper, 25cm x 17.7cm.

"Painted from a photo I took that morning through my window. The window with the multi-coloured NHS sign in it, which I'd made out of cereal boxes 7 weeks earlier, when lockdown began. I liked the composition after noticing I'd also captured key workers driving past."
3rd, Jo, 44
Size 40 x 40 cm - Pencil, hand drawn sketches (each sketch has been photographed and put together on the computer)

"I have sketched my way, everyday, through lockdown & recorded my highs and lows of family life whilst dealing with the pandemic. Here are a few sketches from the 100 in my collection on instagram JOKmyArt. Not only has it helped my mental wellbeing, but it has kept my creativity flowing throughout this troubling time."
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1st Prize :   £ 50 gift voucher for craft supplies

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3rd Prize :  £ 10 gift voucher for craft supplies

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