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Imogen, 15
Acrylic paint on canvas, 40cm x 30cm.

"This is a painting of me during lockdown stress eating in my blanket hoodie."
Amelia, 13
Acrylic paint, paint pens and paper collage, 40cm x 30cm.

"This is a distorted view out of my bedroom window."
Blanka, 10
A4 piece of paper; painted with water colours.

"My artwork features the Fairfield park because during the lockdown we went there every day and spent time on a blanket, with my mum, my two brothers and my sister. It was a great time spent together, the weather was great and there was plenty of sunshine. Every now and then there was a sound of an ambulance at high speed but I could not capture this on my picture."
Betsy, 14
Acrylic paint.

"This is a 13 hour painting completed over the course of a week. It's a depiction of local residents enjoying the Kingston river side, painted from memory."
Anna, 10
A4 paper, wax crayon, black pen.

“It might as well have been raining.
Through lockdown, though it has been sunny and bright I have been inside feeling bored and lonely away from my friends. It might as well have been raining the entire time."
Lauren, 15
Watercolour and fine liner on A4 paper.

"I've found that over lockdown I spend most of my time doing the same things every day, and most of them are in my room, whether that's doing schoolwork, reading, drawing or just scrolling through Pinterest. So this is what I have drawn (because I'm so imaginative)."
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Category: over 20 

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Harrie, 24
Digital medium.

"I and many others had to celebrate their birthdays in a rather strange way. This art is how I would describe this time to people in the future (how alien and old it would, hopefully, seem)."
Blanca, 38
Watercolour, size A4.

"Thanks to lockdown I have given myself a second chance in art, since confinement was the reason to develop something that I had long neglected. In watercolour I have discovered my source of calmness, concentration and inspiration to keep on going when anguishes sometimes had appeared to win the game."
Catherine, 51
Oil crayon, on white cartridge paper, size: 44.3 cm x 29 cm.

"Image was made during lock down, comprises of layers of oil crayon on white paper - its a kind of a dancing figure but also has an element of cynicism hidden beneath the layers. I created an image with energy and dynamism which is compact and a bit cheeky."
Thomas, 33
Clay, Acrylic, Watercolour, Mixed Mediums.

"My diorama, ‘Trophy Gates’ is inspired by Hampton Court Palace during lockdown. The gates are shut and the usual crowds absent. Beyond the gates the red brick beast sits in serene majesty. The statue-guardians peak the imagination. Not a bad place to be stuck during lockdown, I suppose."
Ruth, 28
Acrylic on paper, 25cm x 17.7cm.

"Painted from a photo I took that morning through my window. The window with the multi-coloured NHS sign in it, which I'd made out of cereal boxes 7 weeks earlier, when lockdown began. I liked the composition after noticing I'd also captured key workers driving past."
Giovanna, 43
Sketching pencils on an A3 sketching paper.

"My sketch is a portrait of my little nephew Lorenzo. He lives in Italy and I normally go and visit a few times a year. Due to lockdown I was not able to do that, so I decided to sketch his eyes as is one of the things I missed the most."
Karen, 58
Acrylic alumnus paint (glow in dark), 11 1/2 x 8 1/12 paper/card.

"A child memory came to me during covid-19 Age 7... On the swing long overgrown grass weeds the sky grey dark. Feeling alone, sad, scared. Parents arguing inside. During the on line Art Classes I was able to manage and change the image from her mind too this picture."
Steve, 65
Clay and paint (with little bit of superglue!). Its 14" in diameter and 7" high.

"3 dimensional representation of its title 'Surrounded by stupidity' which is my experience of Lockdown. Things look black from the inside and pretty sick from the outside, and time becomes irrelevant hence the clock on the side."
Sadaf, 37
Acrylic Painting on Canvas ( 30x24).

"A beautiful Pakistani peacock trapped in its own small cage, unable to dance, unable to fly. "
Greg, 57
Various Paints. Size 2m x 1.4m.

"My lockdown painting was created by dripping paint, writing the phrases ‘Be kind’ & ‘Stay safe’. The height of the picture is 2 meters, to represent social distancing, and the colours are inspired from the flowers in our front garden."
John Henry, 54
Photo painted on wall in flat approx 3ft high.

" Self portrait. I was inspired to paint from zoom art classes as during lockdown I wasn’t motivated to do anything."
Karen, 57
Sketched in my sketch pad.

"As I see it, sadness at losing a loved one, my cousin Mike. The stress on the NHS and the time to appreciate nature by creating a garden on the roof terrace and time to reflect on the important things in life."
Daiva, 53
Coloured pencils, coloured fine liners, black ink fine liner. Size: A4.

"The lockdown was a big change for me. But the process of creating something nice, colours, the cosy sound of wooden pencils helped me to go through it. The method of fractal drawing is one of the forms of art therapy. The developer and researcher of this method is a clinical psychologist and family psychologist Tanzilia Poluyaxtova from Russia. This simple but unique method helps people who have experienced trauma, stress.
Vicky, 56
Acrylic on board from wallpaper sample book 55cmx38cm.

"My daughter- She lives in Bristol - I painted her from a photograph on 8 April when everyone was still enthusiastically embracing new activities. She came back to Kingston for the first time in months on 10 July. "
Samantha, 28
White clay, a cocktail stick and a post-it note. Measuring around 15x6cm.

"There's a figure sitting in the middle with a box and sail, on a boat keeping him afloat. Showing the loneliness and isolation the pandemic has caused."
Jo, 44
Size 40 x 40 cm - Pencil, hand drawn sketches (each sketch has been photographed and put together on the computer)

"I have sketched my way, everyday, through lockdown & recorded my highs and lows of family life whilst dealing with the pandemic. Here are a few sketches from the 100 in my collection on instagram JOKmyArt. Not only has it helped my mental wellbeing, but it has kept my creativity flowing throughout this troubling time."
Angel, 64
Acrylic and watercolour paint on canvas.

"This painting is from memory at one of the Fishing lakes I've been to. It's like I'm in my country. I'm happy to learn how to paint with watercolour mixed with acrylic. It makes me feel good even during lockdown."
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