Lili Giacobino
and artist based in Kingston
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"I want to share my love of art and crafts and give an opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills with their community.

Artistic activities are for me a source of happiness and I believe creativity is an important tool to handle lockdown and improve our wellbeing."

Panel of judges

Alison Pugh
Artist, Picture framer, Art restorer, Art educator 
Committee member of Kingston Artists Open Studio

"Allowing ourselves to simply be in the moment gives us an enhanced sense of self and place. Lockdown has in many ways required us to BE in the moment. Observing, reacting and being more conscious of our own impact. Allowing ourselves to be creative for a prolonged moment, peering at our hands holding materials, connecting to our sense of touch in the way we handle, mould or form something, listening to the sounds that surround us as we create. Being absorbed by the process as making unfolds the creativity which lies inside us. I will be looking to see what you find". 

Edit Biro Hannah
Artist, Designer and Art Psychotherapist
Community Supportive Art Group Facilitator at Mind in Kingston

"Creative self-expression is fundamental to our wellbeing every day. Art is defined in many ways and there are many purposes of art. For me and for many, art is connected to self-understanding, personal growth, a search for meaning and making sense of experience while enhancing wellbeing. Many people have picked up art materials during the global pandemic and realised the benefit of the creative process. When I look at your artwork, I will be seeking you and your personal experience during Covid-19 expressed through art media. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but your way."

Lisa Maria Ortiz 
Activites Manager at Signature Coombe Hill Manor, committee member of the Arts Society Kingston and Professional artist
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"I believe artistic expression during lockdown is vital for our mental health. It’s a practice that enables us to express ourselves in anyway we choose. Being creative is also about being visible and staying true to yourself during this lockdown.


I will be looking for self expression and choice of media that best shows your voice and how this lockdown has inspired you to get creative and to show your story."

Caroline Calascione
Artist, Graphic Designer and committee member of Kingston Artists Open Studios
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“During these difficult, unprecedented times creative endeavour of any kind will help us to express ourselves and to stay positive. To spend an hour experimenting and playing with paint - or any medium - will be an hour joyfully spent. Very often it is in times of adversity that creativity flourishes.”

Rachel Pearcey
Textile artist and committee member of Kingston Artists Open Studios
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"I think art is vitally important, to the world and everyone, but it needs not be serious. We can all do/make/build/stitch/paint/draw.

Art is for everyone.”